Friday, May 31, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography
As I was going to the back of the Botanical Garden, I ran into this little fellow.  I have always wanted to "capture" a deer while I was there.  I could barely see him because he was in a field of tall flowers.
He started to walk away and went behind a tree, so I ran quietly to get closer for another shot.  Amazingly enough, he stood there and looked up at me.  I continued to follow him until he went off into the woods.
Another one of those amazing divine appointments from the Lord! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Quiet Moment

"A Quiet Moment"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
Location:   The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Monday, May 27, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography
Meet Radley, a Bernese Mountain Dog I met while I was shooting at The Biltmore House. 
 She did a great job and smiled for me!
 Thanks to Courtney and Andrew for allowing me to photograph her:)
 Isn't she cute?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Just For Me!

"Just For Me!"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
While I was at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, I went to a place where I normally find chipmunks to photograph but found the biggest surprise instead!  I did not know what I was looking at and thought it was not real because it wasn't moving!  The critter was huge and must have been 25-30 pounds.   
I knew it was not a beaver because of his tail.  He did not mind my presence at first, but when he walked away I followed.  Then he got scared and ran to safety.
He went into a water drain and put is head down after he was relaxed with me being near him.  I began to inch closer and closer to him while I was taking photos. 

At first, there was a vine growing up in front of the drain pipe, so once he backed up into the drain, I moved it out of the way.  By moving the vine, I was able to get a much better shot.  I knew I could get bit, but I took the chance anyway.
I still did not know what kind of critter he was so I asked a volunteer staff member nearby.  Of course you already know what the critter is, but he had to tell me it was a groundhog.  When I went back after talking to the man, the groundhog popped his head back out of the drain.
When I go out to shoot, I pray for the Lord to bring what He wants me to photograph.  This photo opportunity was "Just For Me!"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
This iris reminds me of a ballerina dancing on her pointed toe in an empty field of grass.

Monday, May 20, 2013

God's Little Critters

"God's Little Critters"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
I love when the Lord helps me find His little critters. 
Location: The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Ridgecrest, North Carolina

Friday, May 17, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
When I saw this donkey, I immediately thought of the movie Shrek.  My daughter and I mimic the drawn out way Shrek says "Donkey!"

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

I usually can get a decent shot of a dragonfly because they are so predictable.  They consistently go back to the same place to perch making it easy to photography them. 

Location:  Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Georgia. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Big Day!

"The Big Day!"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
Today was the big day!  The day that six Carolina Wrens left the nest.  I went to the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Georgia.  It was my first trip there.  Julie and Debbie, two of the employees there helped me determine where to go for the best birding sites.
While waiting for the visitors center to open, I noticed a Carolina Wren flying towards the outdoor restroom and then it disappeared.  Up above the outdoor light was a nest, and the bird was feeding its young.
I had a long telephoto lens on my camera and kept a good distance from the nest.
One of the baby birds came out of the nest and on the light fixture.  The others watched curiously.

Another bird decided to gave it a try.  The others looked as though they wanted to join in on the fun. 
One by one, they all flew out of the nest....
and soon they were everywhere. 
Finally, they all made it into the trees. 
The mom thought she had a hard enough time feeding them in the nest, but now she has to find them in the trees and bring them something to eat!  It was the day before Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography
These flowers are simple but elegant, and the raindrops add another layer of beauty! 
 Location:  The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pieced Together

"Pieced Together"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
A simple white weed flower rested below my feet as I was taking hummingbird photos.  The flower was pretty by itself, but I put a lot of other purple weed flowers around it to make the background better:)

Monday, May 6, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

This pretty flower was soaked from all the rain.  The forecast showed a period of three to four hours of no rain after I took this shot.  The forecast was wrong, and I got soaked too!

Location:  The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Friday, May 3, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
Meet Lucky a wild baby rabbit.  My neighbor showed the rabbit to me as the rabbit was running through his yard. In a blink, a feral, neighbor cat took off after him.  I was yelling at the cat as I chased him in my bedroom shoes, and the cat was chasing the rabbit. 
The rabbit hopped in a neighbor's heavy wooded, empty lot, and the cat pursued.  As I was running towards the lot, I could not see if the cat got the rabbit.  I peered through the brush and saw the rabbit in the cat's mouth.  I stomped my foot and yelled at the cat, and he dropped the rabbit.
I dug through the brush not knowing the state the rabbit would be in.  I saw him laying on the ground, and I picked him up.  There was a 3 inch cut through the rabbit's fur exposing his skin.  The opening in the fur was also about 2 inches wide.  He did not appear to have any other injuries.
I took the rabbit back to my house, and my husband helped me doctor him up.  We put Neosporin on the opening and pulled the fur back over his skin.  To hold the fur in place, we used a butterfly Band-Aid.  I made up a basket to put him in so we could keep him for a awhile until he seemed better.
The rabbit's pupils did not seemed dilated, but I knew he was shaken and maybe in shock.  I held him for a while stroking his head and gave him a kiss.  My husband said he appeared to be better, and we should go ahead and let him go.  I wanted to take pictures first.  Just that morning, I as in my backyard looking for the rabbit I saw earlier so I could photograph him.
I took some pictures with my husband holding him because I knew as soon as we put him down, he would run.  We decided to let him go in the backyard so the cat would not get him.  I set up my tripod and focused where my husband was going to place him.  When he sat the rabbit down, he did not move.  Maybe he was getting his bearings.  The rabbit (which I named Lucky) let me take a lot of pictures before he bolted away.  I could not find where he ran, and hope one day I will see him again!   That is so Jesus, letting that sweet rabbit sit there as I photographed him! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One In The Hole

"One In The Hole"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

I found a set of triplet chipmunks this week playing around their hole.  I did not have my camera with me at the time, so I came back the next day.  I waited for almost four hours for all of them to pop their heads out of the hole at the same time but to no avail.  

I will try again, and this time I will have my new camera and hope it will give me a better quality photo:)

Hopefully, the one still in the hole will come out!

Location:  Athens, Georgia
01 09 10