Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

"Happy Halloween 2016"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I thought this was the perfect photo to post for Halloween. This photo was taken at the Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge a few years ago when my husband and I went hiking.

I love the scarecrow sitting against the pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Love Bug

"Halloween Love Bug"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Ginger is the sweetest dog who belongs to my husband’s aunt. I care for Ginger frequently as I am helping his aunt.

I bought Ginger a Halloween costume so I could photograph her. The two hardest parts were picking out the perfect costume and getting her to sit still long enough to photograph her.

My husband helped me. He sat next to her on the rock and held her leash so she wouldn’t run off. Ginger has a lot of energy and does not like sit still.

It was a juggling act! By the time I got her costume ready and walked to my tripod and camera, she would move. After many attempts, she finally let me take a decent shot.

Happy early Halloween!!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

My husband and I went to Dukes Creek Falls last weekend so I could photograph the waterfalls. I prayed before we went for the Lord to show us what He wanted me to photograph. I saw purple flowers as we hiked and knew I wanted to photograph them on the way back.

The flowers I found did not look pretty enough to photograph. My husband pointed out a bunch of flowers that were perfect. I saw several bugs and photographed them as well.

As we were driving home, I noticed how beautiful the bugs were as I viewed the photos on my laptop. They are an iridescent green, yellow and red.

I have never seen this type of bug before. They are called pure green bees. It is ironic they are called pure green when they are many colors.

I am thankful the Lord used my husband to help me photograph something so pretty!

Location: Near Helen, Georgia

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Barley in Bluebonnets

“Barley in Bluebonnets”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I enjoyed photographing Barley while I was in Luling, Texas in April. He was a very good model and let me photograph him using various lenses.

I had to use my Lensbaby Composer Pro lens for a class. I love how it blurs outside the sweet spot of focus.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mack the Grieving Swan

“Mack the Grieving Swan”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

This is Mack a mute swan. His mate Singletary was shot with a crossbow in January 2015 and was killed. It was a senseless and terrible act. The residents of Lake Junaluska were extremely upset about the loss of the swan.

Ken, who lives at there, cares for the birds, especially the swans. He told me swans grieve for two years. I watched Mack one rainy day, and I feel the photograph captured the essence of what Mack was feeling that day—grief.

Location: Lake Junaluska, North Carolina
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