Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On the Lookout

"On the Lookout" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Birds are amazing in that they let you into their world by sharing their space:) 

Location:  Daniel Island, South Carolina.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Simply Dainty

"Simply Dainty" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

One of my favorite photographs from my trip to the Biltmore Estate are these dainty little flowers, which I almost did not photograph. As I was going though the hot houses, I was behind "my schedule" of getting where I wanted to go and almost did not go down the aisle these flowers were on. Glad I did:) 

Location: The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Okay Lord....Got It!

Okay Lord….Got It! 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

This is the proud mommy or daddy song sparrow I have been watching at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Both parents have been busy gathering bugs and insects for the baby birds near the Mountain Laurel hotel.

As I was editing this photograph last night for today’s blog, I listened to my I-pod. A song came on I never heard before, so I began to delete it. I stopped and decided to listen to the song anyway.

I don’t know how the song got on my I-pod. I know when I was coping songs to it, I accidently added more from a few albums than I wanted. But, this was different. I looked at the album names, and it did not match the others. I honestly don’t know how it got on there—but then I do.....JESUS!

The lyrics of the song resonated with me and confirmed the answer I was looking for. Yesterday, I asked the Lord to tell me to stop if He wanted me to quit trying to publish a book I felt He wanted me to write and publish. Then I heard the lyrics to Josh Wilson’s song titled, “Pushing Back the Darkness.” Here is his video:

I went to Josh Wilson’s YouTube page and watched a video trailer. The very last words of the song on the trailer stated, “I refuse to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God is called me to do myself. Oh, I could choose not to move, but I refuse.” Here is John's video titled "I Refuse" 

I asked people to pray in my last blog post for God's will to be done while I was at a writers conference this week. I think I got my answer!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Walk by Faith

"Walk by Faith" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Something a little different for today:)

This is the cover for the book I painted I feel the Lord wants me to publish. The painting is of Jesus showing Himself to me one day in the clouds as I was lamenting over my mom's terminal Illness. You can go to my blog I wrote a while back to read my seeing Him in the clouds that day.

I am at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference for the week and would love your prayers as I continue to seek His will! #BRMCWC

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Perfect Timing

"Perfect Timing" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

While on St. Simons Island, Georgia, I decided to photograph the waves. As I was taking my shot, a pelican was kind enough to fly by.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Southern Distinction Magazine - My First Published Piece

"Southern Distinction Magazine - My First Published Piece"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

My first published piece, WHERE THE HUMMINGBIRDS ARE HIDING AND HOW TO FIND THEM IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT, was published in the Southern Distinction Magazine, Volume 3:2 of 2015.

The article is about how to find the hummingbirds in their natural habit. I wrote about "my" ruby-throated hummingbird known as Mufasa who for the last three years has returned to the State Botanical Garden. He sits on the same branch of a weeping cherry tree which is his throne. 

It is amazing to see him come back year after year. Same tree, same branch, knowing he has traveled to Central America and back each year.

His throne is in the very back of the Garden where there isn't an abundance of flowers. He was in for a surprise this year as his throne was pruned because the tree is dead. 

Mufasa's portrait in 2015

Mufasa's portrait in 2014

Mufasa's portrait in 2013

Friday, May 8, 2015

National Public Gardens Day 2015

"National Public Gardens Day 2015" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

The Hummingbird Trail at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia is now open! What a better day to re-open the trail than on National Public Gardens Day.

There are only a few ruby-throated hummingbirds in the Garden right now so viewing is sparse. Peak times to view the hummingbirds are July and August. Trail maps are located in the Visitor’s Center and trail markers are located throughout the Garden to identify where the hummingbirds are perching and feeding.

Best viewing recently is at marker #7 if still in bloom. Wait patiently up to 15 minutes at a marker for the hummingbirds to come. Happy viewing! 

Location: Athens, Georgia

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

She's a Beauty

"She's a Beauty" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

This photo was taken last year while I was at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. So much beauty there—such a neat place!

I will be attending the conference again in the near future and would love your prayers as I continue to seek the Lord's will with a book I wrote about my mom's death and my photography book. Thank you! 

Location: The Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, North Carolina
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