Monday, May 11, 2015

Southern Distinction Magazine - My First Published Piece

"Southern Distinction Magazine - My First Published Piece"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

My first published piece, WHERE THE HUMMINGBIRDS ARE HIDING AND HOW TO FIND THEM IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT, was published in the Southern Distinction Magazine, Volume 3:2 of 2015.

The article is about how to find the hummingbirds in their natural habit. I wrote about "my" ruby-throated hummingbird known as Mufasa who for the last three years has returned to the State Botanical Garden. He sits on the same branch of a weeping cherry tree which is his throne. 

It is amazing to see him come back year after year. Same tree, same branch, knowing he has traveled to Central America and back each year.

His throne is in the very back of the Garden where there isn't an abundance of flowers. He was in for a surprise this year as his throne was pruned because the tree is dead. 

Mufasa's portrait in 2015

Mufasa's portrait in 2014

Mufasa's portrait in 2013

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