Saturday, January 29, 2022

Twelve Minus One

“Twelve Minus One”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Magical moments happened in the Cove yesterday. If you did not get to see the snow, here is a photo of a buck standing stately on top of a hill.

I saw 15 bucks, and a gazillion does. Yes, a few of them were the same ones. They move around quite a bit.

When my friend and I got there, six bucks greeted us, and many does too. They enjoyed posing for us. 

As the day rolled around, I wanted to stick it out and hoped the snow would come. The snow did come, and so did the bucks.

I enjoyed photographing this buck. He traveled much distance. You probably can’t tell, but he was a 12 point but lost one tine.

Afterwhile, I was all alone on top of a hill with this buck. I said, “It’s me, God, and a buck.” I enjoyed just watching him. Eventually, he wandered into the woods. I just sat there, enjoyed the snow, and thought about the moments I shared with him. 

I hoped he would come out the other side so I could see him again. I walked until there was an opening and said, “Oops!” There he stood, gazing forward. He saw two does at the base of the hill. They had no interest and ran into the woods.

A man parked his truck and walked towards me. He said, “I would have never seen him if I hadn’t seen you.” He got out his cellphone and took some photos.

The snow kept coming down. No one was anywhere around. I was the only car in the parking lot of the Visitor’s Center. I felt like I had the Cove all to myself—I think I did. 

I saw three bucks in a different field and photographed them also.


It was sunset and began to turn dark. I headed down Loop Road to leave. I saw a ranger at Hyatt Lane and told him thank you, and I had a wonderful day. I asked if there were a slim chance the Cove would be open tomorrow. He said, “We are closing it down now. Be careful on the way out. There is snow on the road.”  

Trust me; you don’t want to be on those roads today. The Cove is closed for a good reason. I was wary at times as I drove down Laurel Creek. In some places,  snow totally covered the road. With the temps in the teens, that rain and slush probably froze and turned to black ice.

They don’t put salt on the roads. I’m guessing because all the critters in the woods would come to the road to lick it up. That would be a disaster waiting to happen.

Y’all have a blessed day and enjoy the snow!

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Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Look Up

 “Look Up”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I love to hike in the woods and open fields of Cades Cove. There is so much beauty to be found. There are still so many trails I have not hiked—so much to do in so little time.

So many times, I forget to look up, because well, that’s where bears are sometimes. Mama bear needs to sleep or forage for food, so she trees her cubs. They know to stay there until she calls them down.

My friends and I were hiking in the woods, and right when I said, “We need to look up,” there they were—three ginormous cubs resting in the tree.

I took a lot of shots and had a hard time deciding which one to post. I like this one because one bear is looking up.

I wanted this photo to reflect what I wanted to say. The last two years have been challenging for everyone. Covid has wrecked so many families by taking their loved ones away. I am sorry if your loved one passed away.

 Some people look for other things to soothe them and remove their pain. Only, the pain returns. The numbness only lasts a while.

One thing I can tell you is Jesus will gladly take your pain. I know, trust me. His outstretched arms reach forward to welcome you into His arms. He has brought me through so much and has always been by my side.

One morning when I first awoke, the Lord gave me a word. At the time, I didn’t need it. It was a gift I needed in the future. Hopefully, it will encourage you.

When there is not enough. . . there is I AM! 

Psalm 34:18 states, “ The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saved those who are crushed in spirit. 

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Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

“Season of White”

“Season of White”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Winter is fun when blanketed in snow. Beautiful landscapes become amazing when draped in snow-covered trees and branches.

My friend and I went exploring the back country of Townsend. We never knew what was around the corner. This sight was gorgeous!

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Location: Townsend, Tennessee

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ever Watchful

“Ever Watchful”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I know everyone is probably sad the Cove was closed the last two days because it harbored beautiful snow and wildlife. Hopefully, you went to the Cove today and saw some snow. If you don’t get to go, I hope this photo will make you happy.


November 12, 2019, proved to be an exciting day! I love photographing bears, especially when I have the rare opportunity to photograph them in the snow. 

The sow was ever so watchful because she was looking after her two ginormous cubs. The cubs played peek-a-boo around a tree, and one even climbed a tree and posed.

The opportunity seemed surreal. I was thankful the Lord provided me with such an amazing sight. I also met a new photography friend who enjoyed photographing them too.

Check out all the snow on her paws:0

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Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Looking Forward to 2022 – Meandering

“Looking Forward to 2022” – “Meandering”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Backstory to photo:

My family was on St. Simons Island for Thanksgiving. We spent a long weekend there. I looked forward to photographing the shorebirds.

St. Simons has a plethora of shorebirds. Since I was raised there and have shot a lot on the island, I know which part of the beach will typically yield the most birds.

 I got out early one morning, and the following morning, I was out at dawn. I am not a morning girl. Never have, never will, so it is hard for me to get out by sunrise to shoot.

This particular morning, I saw a great egret and a snowy egret looking for breakfast in the distance. I took my shoes off, crossed the water, and sat on a rock, watching them as they meandered. 

I like the landscape view with the egret walking around.

“Looking Forward to 2022”

As well as reflecting on a year, I also like to look forward to the new year. Although, I know it says in the scriptures, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring” (Proverbs 27:1, NIV).

My husband and I are on the clasp of building a new house. It will be our forever home which will sit on the top of a hill overlooking a lake. We will get to see the sunset from our front porch. Talk about something to look forward to!

I’ve also been writing a book for almost two decades. Sometimes, I will diligently work on it, and other times I will lay it down for long periods. 

It is a book the Lord laid on my heart to write about my Mom’s death from ALS. The book continues to cover other deaths I have gone through. I took a massive leap of faith and hired an editor.

I look forward to what the Lord has for my book. 

I continue to see the Lord using me where He has me planted. It is exciting to see Him work and use this weak vessel to grow His kingdom.  

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Location: St. Simons Island, Georgia

Monday, January 10, 2022

“Looking Back to 2021” - “Year After Year”


“Looking Back to 2021” - “Year After Year”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Several Northern Harriers return to Cades Cove for the winter, year after year. The females and immatures are brown from above, whereas the males are a beautiful grey. He is nicknamed Gray Ghost. One thing is for sure; they know a good thing when they see it! 

They like to soar over the fields of the Cove as they look for a snack. I love how I captured this harrier as it soared in front of Dan Lawson’s barn. 

If you are interested in reading my backstory to my year, please click on my post on my Facebook Photography page.

Each year, I take time to look back at the year behind me. There are certain events I don’t like to remember, but there are happy memories too.

Some events shook me to my core and left me wondering how I would make it through. I leaned on Jesus during the hard times and was comforted by my dog Boo. Jesus and Boo showed me unconditional love. Boo knew when I was upset and would constantly lick me or snuggle against me. In essence, she was Jesus with fur on to me. 

May 22, at 5:32 a.m., Boo passed away. Her death was unexpected. Her kidneys failed after being on medicine for so long, but it controlled her seizures. She was a wonderful dog and my shadow. We miss Boo but are glad we had her in our lives.

On a positive note, we got two male puppies on July 22. They are littermates. They bring us so much happiness! 

One is a chocolate Yorkie, and the other is the traditional color. They were born one week after Boo passed away.

Each puppy is named after Boo. I called Boo all kinds of names. One silly name was Punkin Head. Don’t ask. I have no idea where that name came from.

The chocolate-colored one is Punkin, and the black and brown one is Little J. Little J stands for Little Jesus. That is not being silly or sacrilegious in any way. He is named after Boo, who gave me unconditional love during my hard times.

I got Covid the week of Thanksgiving. My case was extremely mild. I believe it is because I was fully vaccinated. Why was I spared when 5 million people were not? I believe it’s because I need to get my book about death published that the Lord laid on my heart. I am glad I'm alive so I can look back at my year.

 One Christmas day, everyone celebrated Jesus’ birthday—eating turkey, fellowshipping with family, and opening presents. I was horizontal at a different house and lay on my dog’s beds. They were snuggling with me.

I tested negative for Covid and the flu, but whatever I had kicked my butt. My doctor said something viral was going around.     

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Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Winter Wonderland!

“Winter Wonderland!”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

What does one do when there were so many downed trees in Cades Cove yesterday, and it was closed? Make lemonade out of lemons.

My friend and I knew the Cove would be closed after we swung by the parkway and saw a gazillion trees crossing the road. Of course, we checked to see if the Cove was open to no avail.

So, we traveled back roads in Townsend and saw beautiful scenery everywhere. We would gasp as we gazed in awe. There was much anticipation around every curve in the road wondering what beauty awaited us. I was also in awe of God and His creativity and letting us enjoy the winter wonderland He created.

Not only did we see beautiful country scenery, we saw a black cow, a white horse, birds including an American kestrel, a donkey, a dog, and a squirrel family all in the snow. My favorite was the black cow in contrast with the snow. I can’t wait to post my photos!

We made one last attempt to see if the Cove was open and saw a line of taillights with cars turning around. We pulled in the Little River Campground and wanted to photograph the rushing water of the Little River adorned with snowy-covered branches.

When I walked across the bridge, I noticed a faceless snowman. The snowman looked bleak until I grabbed a few rocks to decorate his face. Something was still missing—a hat. I took my glove off and ever so carefully put it on his head. I did not want my glove falling into the river.

The snowman was finally complete—he was so cute. I appreciated the person who made it. 

Others came up to photograph him as well. My friend said, “Five dollars for each shot.”

It was a magical day. Will the Cove be open today? I don’t know. I am thankful for the workers that are trying to unleash the Cove from the trees blocking the road. Have a blessed day! 

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Location: Little River Campground, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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