Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Okay Lord....Got It!

Okay Lord….Got It! 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

This is the proud mommy or daddy song sparrow I have been watching at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Both parents have been busy gathering bugs and insects for the baby birds near the Mountain Laurel hotel.

As I was editing this photograph last night for today’s blog, I listened to my I-pod. A song came on I never heard before, so I began to delete it. I stopped and decided to listen to the song anyway.

I don’t know how the song got on my I-pod. I know when I was coping songs to it, I accidently added more from a few albums than I wanted. But, this was different. I looked at the album names, and it did not match the others. I honestly don’t know how it got on there—but then I do.....JESUS!

The lyrics of the song resonated with me and confirmed the answer I was looking for. Yesterday, I asked the Lord to tell me to stop if He wanted me to quit trying to publish a book I felt He wanted me to write and publish. Then I heard the lyrics to Josh Wilson’s song titled, “Pushing Back the Darkness.” Here is his video:

I went to Josh Wilson’s YouTube page and watched a video trailer. The very last words of the song on the trailer stated, “I refuse to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God is called me to do myself. Oh, I could choose not to move, but I refuse.” Here is John's video titled "I Refuse" 

I asked people to pray in my last blog post for God's will to be done while I was at a writers conference this week. I think I got my answer!

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