Friday, May 31, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography
As I was going to the back of the Botanical Garden, I ran into this little fellow.  I have always wanted to "capture" a deer while I was there.  I could barely see him because he was in a field of tall flowers.
He started to walk away and went behind a tree, so I ran quietly to get closer for another shot.  Amazingly enough, he stood there and looked up at me.  I continued to follow him until he went off into the woods.
Another one of those amazing divine appointments from the Lord! 


  1. When I first pulled up the pic on my phone, I didn't see the little fellow. It was a kind of "hidden picture" for me. He's so sweet. Lovely pics.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Tina. Ooh! A hidden picture! :) Great shot, Judy! I had a similar divine appointment for a few pics last weekend. I'm going to post them soon...

  3. Thanks ladies:) Love those divine appointments He gives me with His critters!


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