Friday, May 24, 2013

Just For Me!

"Just For Me!"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
While I was at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, I went to a place where I normally find chipmunks to photograph but found the biggest surprise instead!  I did not know what I was looking at and thought it was not real because it wasn't moving!  The critter was huge and must have been 25-30 pounds.   
I knew it was not a beaver because of his tail.  He did not mind my presence at first, but when he walked away I followed.  Then he got scared and ran to safety.
He went into a water drain and put is head down after he was relaxed with me being near him.  I began to inch closer and closer to him while I was taking photos. 

At first, there was a vine growing up in front of the drain pipe, so once he backed up into the drain, I moved it out of the way.  By moving the vine, I was able to get a much better shot.  I knew I could get bit, but I took the chance anyway.
I still did not know what kind of critter he was so I asked a volunteer staff member nearby.  Of course you already know what the critter is, but he had to tell me it was a groundhog.  When I went back after talking to the man, the groundhog popped his head back out of the drain.
When I go out to shoot, I pray for the Lord to bring what He wants me to photograph.  This photo opportunity was "Just For Me!"


  1. I love how you saw beauty and blessing in something I usually see as annoying. Theres a groundhog under our shed that seems to delight in tormenting our dogs when they are out in their pen. Yet for you, he was a fuzzy divine appointment. I love how God works. Blessings on your day. You've already blessed mine.

  2. Thanks Tina:) The Lord helps me with my photography and amazes me all the time!

  3. Judy, I love groundhogs!!! I'll be up near Ridgecrest in a couple of weeks! Sure hope I get to see one! Where was this little guy??

    Praying God's blessing on your writing endeavors!!


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