Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tiny-Jeweled Flyers

“Tiny-Jeweled Flyers”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I am delighted to say the Humminbird Trail, which I designed, at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia is officially open this year. The trail maps are printed and waiting for visitors to get a glimpse of the tiny-jeweled flyers.

There are small numbers of hummingbirds. The best chance to see them in action is later in the season when lots of babies are born.

The hot markers to find them this week are #5 feeding on the purple salvia and feeding on the major wheeler trumpet honeysuckle at marker #19. This photo was taken Wednesday as I sat at marker #19.

Check out his face—it’s dusted with pollen!

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  1. You are definitely used by God as a photographer to capture His miraculous creation for the rest of us to be blessed.


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