Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Beach Baby

“Beach Baby”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

The Cahuita National Park in Limón Province of Costa Rica boasts a variety of wildlife along its beachy shores. We hired a private guide to help us search the national park for wildlife.

Our favorite wildlife was the capuchin monkeys. They hopped from branch to branch parallel to the beach, which was a stones throw away. One monkey used a rock to crack open twigs and branches to extract the yummy insects inside. 

For the whole day, we hired Oscar Brown (Oscar Brown Tours) to help us find wildlife. He is the one who lead us to Lulu the sloth that I got to hold. We had a great experience, and I highly recommend him.

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  1. I love his little face! Hate to say this, but, although I've seen them in zoos, my favorite capuchin monkey is in Night at the Museum. :)


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