Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Time Has Come

“The Time Has Come”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Spring, summer, and early fall are always my busiest seasons of the year. I am already active with my wildlife and nature photography, especially photographing black bears. But the activity that keeps me busiest is raising monarch caterpillars.

I am doing whatever possible to save the monarchs. If it means going into tall fields and collecting eggs while I get tons of chiggers, I’ll do it. By the way, that happened this summer.

But the time has come for them to start their migration to the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Millions of monarchs will congregate there for the winter. One day, I will meet them there!

People wonder how they make that long, arduous journey when they seem so fragile. Well, I know the answer—it is God. He created all the critters I so enjoy. God wired them to know where to go to escape the cold winter in Eastern North America.

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Location: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Keep your eye to the sky. Have you seen them? If so, where?


  1. We do have a few monarchs come through here. My neighbor has a small bed of milkweed plants and they lay their eggs on the leaves. I love watching one struggle out of it's coccoon. We are having some landscaping done with our beds around our house and I want to get some of those for the backyard.

    BTW, what is that weird thing hovering beside the butterfly? I thought it was some kind of an insect at first. :)

  2. If you can, plant native milkweed. I love common milkweed because it has huge leaves that can feed lots of the caterpillars.

    That is just a broken part of the branch he is resting on:)


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