Monday, September 27, 2021

Hangin’ Out Until Cades Cove Re-opens

“Hangin’ Out Until Cades Cove Re-opens”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Part II - If you were wondering what the bears are doing while Cades Cove is closed…they are “Hangin’ Out.”

The wait is almost over for the Cades Cove Loop road to re-open due to repaving. Tomorrow, September 28, the Cove should re-open. Fingers crossed! 

The bears “told” me they have been hanging out and having a lot of fun. They sure missed us though:)

Backstory: In May, I found a bear while walking in the woods with friends. We found out the bear was a female when she crossed the road and called down her cubs from a tree. It was precious. This photo shows one of the cubs coming down.

 I named the mama bear Pepe. Pepe nursed the cubs, then they were on the move—fueled and ready to go. They crossed the road safely because a car stopped for them. 

They caused quite a commotion. The cubs played follow the leader on a downed tree, had a sumo wrestling match, peered at the tourist while standing on their hind legs, climbed up and down trees, and even picked out a Christmas tree for the family.

Pepe then “treed” the cubs a.k.a. told them which tree to climb and stay in. She then took a nap on a downed moss-covered tree. They finally crossed the road and disappeared.

It was an amazing day. I was happy that so many others were able to see the bears!

Are you ready to go back to the Cades Cove and see them again?

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Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


  1. How sweet! He has a great vantage point to check you out.

  2. It is soooo much fun watching these little ones!!


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