Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Jason's" Iris

"Jason's" Iris 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I have started calling the Japanese iris Jason's iris because of this story.
The story of the photograph I took of the two miracles continues to grow.  Read the story here about the miracles so this part of the story will make sense.  The second part of the story can be found here

I went to a Christian writer's conference a few weeks ago, and I was telling a faculty member about the miracles I photographed.  She asked me if I had looked up the meaning of the Japanese iris, and I told her no. 

The Japanese iris means "rainbow."  The meaning of the rainbow is indicative of God's promises.  
After reading the story, what does the meaning of the flower have to do to with the story to you?  I can not put it into words, but started getting teary eyed as I found out the meaning. 

 Recently, I quit taking photographs in the iris garden because there were thousands of plants blooming, and there is no way I would be able to photograph a hummingbird.  

On May 27th, when I came back to the garden, only the Japanese iris and a few others were blooming, so I knew I had a much better shot of photographing a hummingbird at the Japanese iris.  I set up my tripod about six feet away from the prettiest flower and pointed my camera at the flower.  I knew it was risky because I might be a little too close, but it was the shot I wanted.

Then there he was, six feet in front of me feeding off the flower.  I fired off three shots and said, "I hope I got one."  I was thrilled to capture the photo above.  If you look at the two petals on the right, there is a green heart shape between the petals!  

This photo was taken at marker #20 of the new Hummingbird Trail at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia. 


  1. I love the story of Jason's lily. I was so good to see you at Blue Ridge!

  2. God is good and still performs neat miracles! I enjoyed see you at the conference and being able to spend time with you!!


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