Friday, September 27, 2013

A New Bloom

"A New Bloom"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography
This is a continuation of a story about two miracles that occurred at the State Botanical Garden.  If you missed the exciting story of the two miracles, it can be found here . 

Four days later I went to see if I could capture another photograph of the hummingbird feeding off of the iris.  I got to the botanical garden early and ran into Shelly in the parking lot.  I asked him about the iris, and he told me the bloom had died, and he picked it off.  He said there must have been another bloom underneath it because a new bloomed opened.

I was excited about photographing the new bloom, and I hoped the hummingbird would come back.  I got all of my equipment set and waited.  It began to drizzle a little bit, but I was determined to stay.  I waited about 15 minutes in the rain and for some reason I did not have my face to the back of the camera when the hummingbird let her presence be known by the roar of her wings.  But it was too late.  She buzzed around the flower very briefly then flew away.  I was so disappointed that I did not get the shot.

I waited for probably an hour and a half more and she never came back.  It had been raining lightly the whole time but luckily I had something to throw over my shoulders to keep me dry.  I found another worker I know and told her Shelly should get the first bloom and press it for Jason’s mom.  I left disappointed, but I think I may have one more try before the bloom is gone. 

I went back today, and the bloom had closed and wilted.  Again, I was disappointed, but I knew ahead of time that when the Lord allows me to photograph His divine appointments, it has always been a one-time shot.  I am thankful for the two miracles He allowed me to document, and I will never forget the story!   

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