Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

This is the first time I have uploaded a photograph from my iPhone.  After a friend and I finished walking the Hummingbird Trail at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, we walked around to see if we could find the resident hawk.

As we were walking down a path, Heather noticed this baby bluebird in the middle of the path in the blistering sun.  He was exhausted and was very still.  She picked him up, and I took a few photographs with my iPhone of the him in her hands.  

She also had her camera with her, and I was glad she took a photograph for me.  He was hot and exhausted, so we put him in the shade next to the road where we found him.  We walked away and watched to see if the mom and dad would help him.  Confident is was okay, we left.



  1. Poor thing!

    When I was working at JSC a silly black bird build a nest in a gap in the concrete in May. She laid 2 eggs in her nest. We built a little cover and put little bowl of water by the nest. They all disappeared one day. We chose to believe they flew away happy and healthy.

  2. Weird place to build a nest! I was blessed to find my little fellow:) ~ Judy


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