Monday, March 16, 2020

The Jesus Effect

“The Jesus Effect”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect—because one thing happens, something else happens?

In my photography, I would rather call it the Jesus effect. I ask the Lord to show me or bring to me what He wants me to photograph. So, the Lord may bring me something to photograph, which may lead to me photographing something even better.

This particular day at Radnor State Park, I enjoyed finding critters to photograph with another photographer. We found an owl earlier, and then I saw the cutest chipmunk taking nesting materials to his hole.

While I was photographing the chipmunk, a lady walked by, and I showed it to her. She said, “There is an owl around the corner.” After getting a better description of where he was, we ran like crazy in hopes we would find it.

He was right where she said. We were delighted to say the least. We photographed the owl a while, then he flew across the road and posed in a tree.

My friend was hoping he would fly down and grab a vole. After he left, the owl did try twice to catch something but failed both times. This was the parting shot he let me take.

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Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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