Thursday, June 21, 2018

Punk Rock Yearling!

“Punk Rock Yearling!”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I put more effort than normal to photograph this yearling black bear cub. While standing at end of Sparks Lane, someone mentioned a mamma bear and her two cubs were at the other end of Sparks.

There was a major problem. I was parked past Sparks on the one-way Loop Road and could not turn around. So, I did what most crazy photographers do, I ran down the long, hot road.

I knew another major problem was ahead. A deep creek was between the bears and me. So, I did what most crazy photographers would do, I took off my socks and boots and crossed the creek.

The bears were right where the couple mention. They were in a field foraging for food. I stood behind the fence and enjoyed watching them just be bears.

To make the story end even better, I saw two friends who gave me a ride back to my car. I was very thankful because it was a hot day and I was flushed!

Don’t you love his punk rock hairdo?

Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee

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