Monday, June 25, 2018

Amongst the Snails

“Amongst the Snails”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography
Clapper Rail Chick

While I was on St. Simons Island recently, I was very excited to see a bird I have never seen before. My husband and I were driving down Ocean Road when an unfamiliar bird ran out near the sidewalk. We stopped, and I excitedly jumped out to hopefully photograph it.

It was a clapper rail bird and had the cutest black chicks. The chicks were small and busily following their parents.

These birds care for their young in a different way. The parents divide the brood when they are about a week old and each parent looks after half the chicks.

I have heard this bird’s call when I have been crabbing on the island but never seen the bird. Have you ever seen this bird?

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