Friday, June 26, 2015

Modern Day Noah

"Modern Day Noah" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I termed myself "modern day Noah" yesterday. Yesterday was the best day of nature photography for me ever! 

I have been following a ruby-throated hummingbird nest for three weeks at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Several YouTube videos and photographs of the baby hummingbirds and their momma are on the web. Search Judy Royal Glenn on YouTube to watch these incredible videos I have been able to shoot. You can also "like" my Facebook photograph page: Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

I have been showing visitors to the Garden the nest and the babies through the back of my lens. Sue and Janet were two such people that witnessed the amazing view. A little while later, one of them asked me to come quickly because there was a hurt baby hummingbird on the ground. 

When I arrived, the hummingbird was on its feet standing on the concrete, but his wing was sticking out to the side. We assessed he probably flew into the glass windows of the Conservatorium. He could have either been hurt or just stunned and needed to collect himself. 

I picked him up off the hot concrete and placed him in the shade at the edge of the grass. I knew I would probably never get this opportunity again. Being a wildlife and nature photographer, I began photographing him.

The hummingbird was breathing very heavy and moved with each breath it took. He mainly kept his eyes closed, but once in a while opened them. After about five minutes, his breathing was normal, and he started to be more alert. I asked for permission to break off a flower to see if he would feed, but he just needed to sit. A little while later, off he flew to the top of a tree. I was thankful he was all right.

Just this week, I found the tiniest baby fawn who I thought may be dead when I found him. I was sweeping the front porch, and he was next to the house with its nose pressed in the corner. Not knowing whether they drink anything but from their mother, I did not know if it was dehydrated and picked it up to give it a drink. It refused and scampered into the bushes.

"Modern day Noah" is a silly but fitting name for me. I pray and ask the Lord to show me or bring to me what He wants me to photograph. He answers my prayers all the time. He also uses other people such as Sue and Carol in this endeavor. When I took a group of visitors through the hummingbird trail, a momma hummingbird greeted us as she hovered in an oak tree. Or He uses Pat, one of the visitors with us, who spotted her sitting on her nest right in front of us!

Most the time the animals come one by one, but at least I got a pair of baby hummingbirds! God is good:)

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