Friday, May 3, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
Meet Lucky a wild baby rabbit.  My neighbor showed the rabbit to me as the rabbit was running through his yard. In a blink, a feral, neighbor cat took off after him.  I was yelling at the cat as I chased him in my bedroom shoes, and the cat was chasing the rabbit. 
The rabbit hopped in a neighbor's heavy wooded, empty lot, and the cat pursued.  As I was running towards the lot, I could not see if the cat got the rabbit.  I peered through the brush and saw the rabbit in the cat's mouth.  I stomped my foot and yelled at the cat, and he dropped the rabbit.
I dug through the brush not knowing the state the rabbit would be in.  I saw him laying on the ground, and I picked him up.  There was a 3 inch cut through the rabbit's fur exposing his skin.  The opening in the fur was also about 2 inches wide.  He did not appear to have any other injuries.
I took the rabbit back to my house, and my husband helped me doctor him up.  We put Neosporin on the opening and pulled the fur back over his skin.  To hold the fur in place, we used a butterfly Band-Aid.  I made up a basket to put him in so we could keep him for a awhile until he seemed better.
The rabbit's pupils did not seemed dilated, but I knew he was shaken and maybe in shock.  I held him for a while stroking his head and gave him a kiss.  My husband said he appeared to be better, and we should go ahead and let him go.  I wanted to take pictures first.  Just that morning, I as in my backyard looking for the rabbit I saw earlier so I could photograph him.
I took some pictures with my husband holding him because I knew as soon as we put him down, he would run.  We decided to let him go in the backyard so the cat would not get him.  I set up my tripod and focused where my husband was going to place him.  When he sat the rabbit down, he did not move.  Maybe he was getting his bearings.  The rabbit (which I named Lucky) let me take a lot of pictures before he bolted away.  I could not find where he ran, and hope one day I will see him again!   That is so Jesus, letting that sweet rabbit sit there as I photographed him! 

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