Monday, October 26, 2020



Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I went into the woods at Cades Cove, Tennessee hoping to find a particular bear. I meandered through the woods hoping to find her, the pot of gold. I hiked and hiked and hiked. 

Signs of bears were everywhere–a fresh mound of scat, a cleared area beneath a tree, a large rock turned over, and fallen trees shredded to bits. I was encouraged and trudged along.

Three ravens squawked and squawked and kept going farther and farther into the woods. It was as if they were taunting me to go deeper.

I followed them thinking that maybe, just maybe, the Lord was using them to lead me to a bear. “Lord, are you leading me to the bears or are they just being birds?”

I asked the birds, “Where is she?” They just kept squawking.

One of the ravens was just above my right shoulder. If a raven could talk what he was saying was, “Up, up, up!” My legs were throbbing begging me not to go. I was exhausted but continued to follow their lead. Each time I pulled the phone up to record his sounds, he flew away. I wanted to prove what the ravens sounded like.

A very steep embankment was before me. I said, “I’ll go to the top of that hill, and if I don’t see any fresh scat I’m going to come back.”

As I got to the top of the hill there before me was a bear staring me in the face. He had been devouring the acorns on the forest floor and glanced up.

What a treat! I enjoyed watching him and of course taking his portrait. 

Yes, I believe God can still use animals to speak. I named my bear Raven.

I got in my car and said, “I’ll listen to ravens now.” Not far down the road another raven squelched at the top of the tree, but I chose to ignore it. 

Farther down the road, I saw a raven squawking in a thin line of trees and decided to stop. After exiting my car, I walked to the right of the area where I heard him. A few minutes later, a bear dashed out of those woods and crossed the road.

The Lord never ceases to amaze me!

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Location: Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


  1. I tell you, girl, if a bear was staring me in the face, take pictures would be my last thought. Maybe clean underware would come to mind...

    1. You are too funny. They are accustomed to people:)


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