Monday, October 19, 2020

Don’t Stack Rocks

“Don’t Stack Rocks”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Stacked rocks in rivers are pretty to see and photograph. But what people probably don’t know is there is a good reason why they shouldn’t stack rocks.

While photographing in Cades Cove, Tennessee, I saw I sign which addressed this matter. Rocks should not be stacked because aquatic species live under the rocks and use it as their home. 

Citico Darters live and nest under rocks. These fish are federally endangered and are “currently restricted to a single river system in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.” (Quote from Tennessee Aquarium website.)

So instead of taking a pretty photo, save a species:)

FYI, I did not stack these rocks but did place a leaf on them.

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Location: Raven Cliff Falls, Cleveland, Georgia

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