Saturday, January 18, 2020


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

If you were wondering how tiny a ruby-throated hummingbird is—here you go! This male hummingbird’s gorget shimmered in the sun while he perched on a Major Wheeler Trumpet Honeysuckle. His full body is barely bigger than the leaf next to him.

This year, his pretty little face will grace the front cover of the Hummingbird Trail map at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. This will be the seventh year of the Hummingbird Trail that I researched and designed.

Visit the Garden’s website to see a previous year’s map at Click under Gardens & Collections then scroll down until you see information about the Trail. The Trail will be up sometime around the beginning of May. The best viewing of the hummingbirds will be in the late summer into September because more broods of hummingbirds will be born. Come visit the Garden!!

You can see why they are great pollinators by the huge amount of pollen on his head.

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Location: Athens, Georgia

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