Wednesday, January 8, 2020

“Looking Back to 2019” “Wake up Sis!”

“Looking Back to 2019”
“Wake up Sis!”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I like to look back at the events and happenings in my life after a new year ends. There were a lot of bad things that happened, but I trusted the Lord through every trial.

My husband unexpectedly lost his job in April. Thankfully, he did get a severance package in which he was paid for six months while he looked for a new job. We bounced from city to city for interviews. Of course, my camera came with me as we traveled, and I enjoyed shooting new subjects.

We had to foreclose on our home we lived in for 20 years due to other circumstances.

I could go on about the negative things but instead want to focus on the positives. He got a new job which allowed him to work from home and travel some to Nashville. We had a clean slate and moved to Knoxville, Tennessee.
The Lord provided for us through it all as He always does!!

In November, I saved the life of a duck—that story will come later. I also saved the life of many monarchs by hand raising them.

I tagged over 50 monarchs which will help provide valuable information. I also tested a portion of those monarchs for the OE spore and sent off that information. The OE spore is a detriment to the monarchs.

Bears are my favorite subject to photograph, and I got many neat shots.

I met lots of great people especially while shooting in Cades Cove. I love my life and what I am afforded to do. Wildlife and nature photography are my passion! God is good!

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