Thursday, January 3, 2019

Looking Back to 2018

“Looking Back to 2018”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I am thankful for the amazing wildlife and landscapes I captured in 2018! I am glad I got to travel to different countries and photograph the nature there —I’m ready to go back!

Even though black bears still have edged out hummingbirds as my favorite subject to photograph, this year, monarch butterflies have tied for second place with the hummingbirds. I am so passionate about them because of the loving care I took in raising them. I watched their transformation before my eyes. One minute they were caterpillars, the next they were amazing butterflies. God’s nature is so incredible!!

On a personal note, it was a rough year with a lot of pain. It took almost 6 months to get rid of my lockjaw, and I am going on two months of nerve pain shooting down my arm for carrying my heavy gear and another bag. 

It is getting better, and I am looking forward to a healthy near year!

Location: Berry College, Rome, Georgia

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