Friday, December 28, 2018

My Favorite Five – “Ain’t I Cute?”

"Ain't I Cute?"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I decided before I post my best of nine Instagram posts for 2018, I would post my favorite five posts from 2018 and see what the difference is. It was hard making my decision and when I started compiling them, I noticed a trend. This year was the years of firsts. It was my first time raising monarch butterflies, photographing frozen soap bubbles, and getting to hold Lulu, a three-toed sloth, then photographing her. It was only my second year photographing black bears. I guess they are my new loves and that is why they all made my favorite five! 

"The Lord used a total stranger named Stacy to help me get this shot.
A mama bear and her two cubs were deep in the thicket and were very difficult to photograph. As I was walking near a truck, a guy behind me mentioned it would be nice to shoot from the back of the truck. I said out loud, “It would be nice to shoot in the back of the truck!”
The guy had his window down and overheard what I said. As I passed, he said, “Ma’am?” I backed up a few steps to hear what he was going to say. He said I could get in the back of his truck to shoot and stand on his toolbox.
So, you would have to imagine me standing with my camera and tripod on his toolbox while I photographed this little fellow! I’m sure it was a sight to see!"

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