Monday, December 19, 2016

Swan Frost Flower

"Swan Frost Flower"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

If you’ve never seen a frost flower, you are missing out! Frost flowers aren’t real flowers; they are beautifully sculpted from the frozen sap of a vegetation called white crownbeard.

When conditions are right with temperatures in the twenties, and the right amount of rain, the sap pushes out and forms ribbons of ice. As a photographer, I love witnessing their beauty, but it does come at the sacrifice enduring the cold temps and wind chill.

The Lord knows my favorite thing to photograph are birds, so it came to no surprise to find a frost flower in the shape of a swan. I have to say I was astonished! I love the miracles He shows me!

This photo was taken in 2015. I am looking forward to photographing them again this winter.

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