Monday, August 11, 2014


Judy Royal Glenn Photography  

When a photographer posts an image, the viewer does not get to see the effort and vigilance it took to capture the photo.  

This was one of the first photographs I took when I saw this Great Blue Heron, but of course I was not satisfied with this shot.

I quickly walked through the woods until I knew where he would be, then I slowed down and tried to be quiet.  I knelt down to take a quick shot then moved quickly to try and get ahead of him.

There were a lot of trees and branches blocking my view, so I moved around the bend of the lake and waited for him to walk closer to me.

He walked out on the limb of a dead tree that was over the lake.  He scratched and stood on the branch for a very long time.  He did not mind my presence, so......

I waited until I got my shot!

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