Monday, March 4, 2013

A Life Saved

"A Life Saved "
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I went to the State Botanical Garden today to capture a photo for The Digital Photography School's weekly photo challenge.  This week's theme is nature. 

I was getting ready to start my photo shoot when I thought I saw a dead bird in the middle of the road to the parking lot.   I got some sticks and went to move it to the side so it would not get run over.  As I got close, I noticed it was a bat, and it was still breathing!

I met Jordan and Maggie in the parking lot and told them I wanted to photograph the bat.  Jordan held it for me. 

The bat was shivering and cold.  After taking some photographs, I cupped the bat tightly in my hand trying to keep him warm.  Slowly, it shivered less and less.  He started to wiggle, so I put him on the ground.  The next thing we knew, he was in flight and fine!  He just needed a little warmth to get him going!  Had it not been for the challenge, I would not have gone to shoot, and the bat probably would have been run over by a car!

I hadn't even prayed yet to ask the Lord to bring to me what He wanted me to photograph.  He knows what I am thinking though!

Thanks Jordan and Maggie for helping me!!

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