Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming In For A Landing!

"Coming In For A Landing!"  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
Click on the photo for a closer view.

Location:  Callaway Gardens

Because of a previous visit to Callaway Gardens, I knew where to find hummingbirds.  I went two different days to take photos of them.  They are so fast, and it is difficult for me to get the perfect photo!  I had a little help with this one!!

It's much easier to take a photograph when the hummingbird has landed!


  1. They are quick and tricky trying to get a good shot. Wonderful pics and the one coming in for a landing is perfect.

  2. You got a couple of good shots.

  3. Wow, great hummingbird images! I love how you captured the movement of the hummingbird in first photograph. The delicacy of the flowers is simply beautiful. They are fascinating little birds, aren't they? Fantastic post!

  4. Your first is a brilliant capture. Love the light, colour and action.


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