Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Along The Path

"Along The Path"  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn

Click on the photo for a closer view

On my latest excursion to the Botanical Garden....I decided I would explore a path that lead to the river.  Along the path I encountered many things.  My least favorite showed up early along the path.

The end of the first path lead me to the river.  I could go either right or left.  I had no idea where I was going, so I decided to go right.

I found a couple of cute birds.  This one was across the river sitting on a log!

I also walked along the bank of the river.  I found this old dead tree, and I was amazed it still had "life" growing inside it.  Click on the next three photos for a closer view and guess what they are:


#2  You have to look real hard because my camera focused on the twigs not what was in the twigs.

#3  Again my camera focused on the thicket and not what was in it.

Answer: #1  A wasp nest on the tree limb in the middle of the river.
#2 Crunch, crunch, crunch, as I heard a rabbit biting an acorn?
#3 A mouse in the thicket!

Thanks for coming "Along The Path" with me!


  1. beautiful photos, and the snake is my favorite. we have these black racers in our yard and fight to protect them, they are harmless and so pretty and do a lot for the environment. a lovely walk, sorry the snake made you nervous for the rest of it. spiders do that to me, one sighting and i am terrified

  2. You have some amazing areas to photograph, I think when I encountered the snake that would have been the end of my walk. That bird has shown up here, I have no idea what it is but it likes my yard.

  3. Gdybym spotkała węża tak jak Ty, to z pewnością dalej bym nie poszła. Dlatego podziwiam Cię za zdjęcia, które później zostały zrobione. Pozdrawiam

  4. Always enjoy what you discover with your camera.


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