Friday, July 12, 2013


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

I love that I was able to capture this photo of a Ruby-throated hummingbird because it looks like he is snoozin'.  I don't know if they normally sleep like that, but I thought it was cute.

He first started upright and slowly leaned over more and more until he was in the position in the first photograph. 
Location:  The State Botanical Garden of Georgia


  1. Wow. To see one looking relaxed is so amazing. There's a God whisper in there I'm going to go listen to...

  2. Ooh...I love Tina's revelation. That's so amazing.

    I can't believe he hasn't fallen off the twig. He must have a strong grip, even when he's snoozing...

    There's a God whisper in that thought, too...

  3. What amazing pictures. You always bless me with your pictures.
    I agree with Tina and Alycia - there is a God whisper.
    But then, there always in your photos.
    You'd think this silly thing would know I'm not a robot by now. :(

  4. Thanks Tina, Alycia, and Sherry:) He shows me neat things and allows me to capture them for others to see too. I'm really just the assistant photographer!


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