Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Divine Appointment

"Divine Appointments"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
 While I was at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia on Monday, I heard an owl deep in the woods near the back of the garden.  I contemplated finding the owl, but what were my chances of finding him especially if he did not call anymore?  So, I did not try.  Yesterday, I heard the owl call again, but this time I heard another owl answer back.  I again contemplated, but it was very brief.  I knew it was my best shot, because they were both calling each other.  I quickly packed all my gear and headed into the woods.  Of course, I never heard him call again.  Again, what were my chances of finding an owl deep in the woods? 
So, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me find the owl.  I was walking at a pretty fast pace, when I suddenly stopped in my tracks.  He is in a tree that had fallen over the creek which was about twenty feet in front of my head!  I took one shot, and he flew into another tree.  I took several shots there, then he flew into the creek. 
Two joggers came by and I told them about the owl in the creek.  One of them told me he was a juvenile, and that she has seen the adult in the area. 
He stood in the water for a long time as we watched him.
My hands were shaking as I was photographing him because I was so excited......and my brain was not working straight!  I was changing my settings in the wrong way!   Because it was very dark in the woods, and since I have not had my camera very long, I could not figure out fast enough how to get a faster shutter speed.  But nonetheless, I like the way his head looks like a tornado!
He enjoyed taking his bath and then rested as his feathers started to float in the water:) 
He then flew into a tree because I moved my tripod and it made a lot of noise.
 Thank you Jesus for my divine appointment!


  1. Judy, it's amazing that you are able to find the divine in everything. Your pictures bless me!

  2. Thanks Sherry! Usually He brings the critters to me only once and that's it. Although I make several more attempts:)

  3. Nice photos. WE are so lucky to have the Botanical Gardens in Athens.

  4. Thanks:) I agree! It is my second home.


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