Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Iron Horse

"Iron Horse"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
This shot came right after a hard lesson learned. This particular morning, I left my house a little after 5:30 a.m. to photograph the Super Moon of 2013 as the moon was at it's closest position to the earth. I need to mention that I am not a morning person. As I was driving, I saw the clouds nearing the moon, so I pulled over and took a few shots just in case the moon went behind the clouds. 
I continued to drive up and down the road, I scouted the night before while looking for the perfect spot. The heavy fog and running out of time eventually kept me from getting the shot I wanted. To make matters worse, I did not check my setting before I took the photos of the moon. I had to switch to manual focus the night before because my camera struggled to focus in the dark. I thought the camera was set in automatic focus but because it wasn't, the photos of the Super Moon weren't sharp. I was very frustrated and mad at myself and will have to wait for the shot next year.

I did not let my disappointment get to me and knew I could hopefully go to the Iron Horse and get a sunrise photograph. I was in luck, and the fog was beautiful!  

Luckily, I went out the night before and took shots of the Super Moon:) 

Location:  Greensboro, Georgia near Athens, Georgia

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  1. It's a gorgeous picture - almost an ethereal feel. You didn't say what the "iron horse" really is. A piece of machinery?


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