Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Juvenile barred owl

I stopped by a friend’s house to chat with him and his wife one evening. The sun had already set, and we visited in the dim light of their front porch.

He told me a barred owl and its baby had visited the night before and sat in their trees as the "baby" called to its "mom." While I was standing there, he saw the owl fly to the same tree. 

It was super dark, and I could barely see the outline of the owl. I asked him if he had a high-powered flashlight. He rummaged through his house and then shone the light on him so I could photograph the owl.

Intermittingly, its mom was on a branch over my car. Crunch! The two-foot limb she was sitting on fell unto my car. There was a major issue—the car was brand new, and I only had it a week.

Thankfully, the branch was rotten and did not weigh much. It spared my windshield by a hair. A few small scratches now decorated my car, so I called out, “Stupid owl!” The owl was just paying me back for shining a light on her baby.

I don't even like to use the word stupid. That's just what came out!

Location: Watkinsville, Georgia

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