Monday, December 29, 2014


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

When I was out shooting this week, I found the most birds I have ever seen on St. Simons Island. I had a blast! I finished my shoot and was headed back "home" when I found this big fellow by the road.

He wasn't even five feet from the road, and as people were riding past in their cars or on their bikes, he did not hardly move at all.

It was not the typical place where I would find a wood stork, but I did not want to miss out on the opportunity. I photographed him from across the street. I had to be careful with my framing or the road would be in the frame. He was comfortable with me photographing him because he actually bedded down.

The next day I went out to shoot, and he was in the same area. On the way back home from shooting, he was pretty much in the exact spot.

A lady was photographing him. I told her he was there yesterday. She was trying to see if it was the same bird that had a hurt foot in a different location. She said she called DNR and they were not helpful, but I don't know which bird she was talking about.

I did notice a red, bumpy area on his left leg. I don't know if this injury was causing him strife, or if he was sick. I hope he makes it!

I thanked him for my usual tradition! 

Location: St.Simons Island, Georgia

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