Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunset Silhouette

"Sunset Silhouette"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

I went down to the docks on St. Simons Island, Georgia with my husband to get some sunset shots.  I had my husband come with me to carry my bag because I just threw out my back a few days earlier.  My back wasn't really well enough to photograph.  I could not do a lot of things, like get down low to the ground.

It was killing me to be at a wonderful place to photograph and for two days not be able to shoot.  So, out I went with my husband to see what I could physically be able to shoot.  What I ended up with was not what I envisioned, but I am satisfied nonetheless.

When we first got there, the pelicans were everywhere!  I had less than an hour till sunset, and most of the time I photographed the pelicans.  This particular set of pylons usually had a pelican on it, so I shot there for awhile.  Once the sunset, I noticed the beautiful clouds had pink in them.  I knew the perfect shot would be to go back to this pylon.

When I got there, a pelican was there but flew off.  I set up my tripod and waited.  The pelican came back, but the pink in the clouds had disappeared.  This is basically the shot I captured.  I added a tiny bit of a richer blue to the sky.  I'm happy!

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