Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Not to fret when you're getting ready to take a photo of a dragonfly and he flies away; he will prabably come right back.  They are funny creatures like the hummingbirds which come back to the same branch.  I guess I would say they have the same idiosyncrasies?

Location: Memorial Park, Athens, Georgia


  1. I know I rarely comment Judy, but I see all of your photos and your talent amazes me! Especially when I saw the camera and the lens you use. You definitely have a gift for capturing the intricacies of God's smallest creatures! :)

  2. This article is presently what did you say? I need, thank you.

  3. If I used the word correctly, I meant it to mean there are different behaviors/habits I have noticed with dragonflies and hummingbirds. They both frequently use the same branch to land on over and over. When I am taking a picture and they fly away, I know they will be back:)


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