Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Story

"The Story"  Photo by Judy Royal Glenn
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Find a photographer and usually they can tell you a lot of stories behind taking their photos.  I will always remember the story behind this photo.  To you it is just a photo, but you weren't there experiencing the weather, circumstances, or what I had to go through to get the shot.

I felt impressed for some reason to sit on a tree over the river.  I quickly dismissed the "silly" thought.  I wasn't going to get great photos of birds on this tree.  I continued on my journey, but the birds were hiding from me! Then I thought maybe I was "supposed" to take photos on the tree.

When I went back to the tree, a couple was sitting one it, so I continued walking.  I prayed and told the Lord He was a God of second chances, and if He wanted me to take pictures on the tree I would.  I went back again, and no one was there, so I ventured carefully out on the tree.  I didn't want to fall in the river with my camera. 

I ended up taking a picture of a much larger bird; his name is Phillip, and he is a college student at UGA.  He climbed out on the tree next to me which was high over the river.  He wanted me to send him a photo of himself sitting on the tree.  I did just that and have not heard back from him. 

I don't know the reason I met Phillip that day, but I knew that is the reason why the Lord impressed me to take photos on that tree.  The day I posted my ALS blog, I asked my readers if they had asked the Lord into their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior.  That was the day I met Phillip and told him about my blogs.  He could have met Christ that day, missed being in a car accident, or may other scenarios.

The key is I did what I felt the Lord asked me to.  What is the Lord asking you to do that could be as simple as "taking pictures on a tree?"  It could have a life changing impact on someone.  Hey Phillip, if you are reading this!


  1. Hey Friend! I remember you telling me this story. I love what you shared here. So many times God gives us a task to do that doesn't make since and we fight Him on it, as if we know more. True beauty in life comes though when we walk in step with Him and allow Him to move through us. I agree that He touched that boy that day, that was His whole purpose in having you there. Sometimes we just don't ever know the whole story.

  2. God works in mysterious ways! One of the joys of heaven, I believe, will be seeing the results of our obedience in those times we didn't understand God's leading.

  3. Sometimes God's business is his business and we are to be humble and obedient to carry out his plans ...that is what being a vessel or hand instrument is all about....HIS WILL WE YIELD...and the shot you placed awesome is that? that which is hidden from clear view is still visible through faith in HIM


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