Monday, July 29, 2019

In Memory Of

“In Memory Of”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography
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I wanted to give you the opportunity to have a gulf fritillary butterfly to be released in memory of one of your loved ones. I released some butterflies this way last year, and it was very touching for everyone involved.

This is my first time raising these caterpillars. I have 16 chrysalises that will enclose (become butterflies) in the next week or so and 15 more caterpillars.

To be fair, it will be for the first ones to leave a comment. Please leave their first and last name in case I have two with the same first name. I will try to take photos and maybe a video, but there may be too many requests to do so.

Did you know that butterflies have a mind of their own? Some love to stay on the flower I put them on whereas others want to immediately fly away. So, I can’t make any promises of a photo.

A neat note–they are also called the passion butterfly. What a special butterfly to honor your loved one.

I am having technical issues replying to comments. I don't know how to fix it. 
If I can get a photo of your butterfly,  I will post it either on my Facebook account. Click here.
Or my Instagram account. Click here. Or my Flicker account. Click here. 
 Either way, I will list all the names on my posts.

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