Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Lo and Behold!

“Lo and Behold!”
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

Easter is this weekend, and what a perfect time to post my new bunny photos. I did not look for these bunnies; they came to me.

I was on St. Simons Island recently to photograph birds. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something. Lo and behold, I saw a totally black bunny in the wild. Upon further inspection, I noticed he had a grey friend too.

Forget the birds! How often do you see a beautiful black bunny in the wild? Since he was totally black, I am assuming he was probably domesticated at one time. Both of the bunnies let me photograph them with ease.

The neat part is I did not even pray my normal prayer yet, “Lord, show me or bring to me what you want me to photograph.” This is what the Lord does for me all the time. He amazes me!

The Lord knows my name, and He definitely knows my heart!! Has the Lord done something similar for you?  

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