Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nature—It's Addicting!

"Nature—It's Addicting!" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

While I was at the State Botanical Garden yesterday, I noticed a water lotus flower standing about four feet out of the water. I have never seen this type of flower so tall. It was beautiful and even though I was tired and heading home, I had to stop to photograph it. Nature—it's addicting!!

Location: Athens, Georgia


Giga said...

It's beautiful and Interesting lily. Regards.

Judy Royal Glenn said...

Hi Giga:) I found out later the flower is a Lotus flower.

Evelyn Ruiz said...

I'm addicted to nature too. Thank you for the beautiful work you share

Judy Royal Glenn said...

Thank you Evelyn for your sweet comment. Thanks for visiting my page:) ~ Judy