Friday, April 4, 2014


Judy Royal Glenn Photography  

I found this hawk last night as my husband and I were driving around Daniel Island, South Carolina while I was looking for birds to photograph.  This hawk was sitting in the tree as we were about to drive by.  We stopped the car, and I slowly crept towards him.  Funny thing is he was steadfast on staying on that limb.  After I finished photographing him, I came back later and he was still there.  He must have been there for over 30 minutes.

Again, I asked the Lord to bring to me or help me see what HE wants me to photograph.  I'll take it!


  1. What an impressive shot and, as usual, a great application. You always bless me with your pictures and your words.

  2. Thanks Sherry. I am amazed what the Lord brings to me.....wait until you see what is coming sometime shortly:)