Friday, January 31, 2014

What's She Thinking?

"What's She Thinking?"  
Judy Royal Glenn Photography  

This female cardinal sat on top of the State Botanical Garden's rooftop for quite sometime.  Since I live in Georgia and it doesn't snow very often, it may be her first snow.  Wonder what she's thinking?  


  1. As I pondered both your picture and your question, I was reminded that sometimes life takes to places that are unfamiliar and often unpleasant. Our first thought is that we must be in the wrong place, that we've taken a wrong turn somewhere. We don't often imagine that God has placed us right where he wants us. Some lessons are learned as we endure the hard, often confusing, and cold seasons.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow Tina, nice insight! You nailed it on the head for me personally. My photography has taken me to very unfamiliar and unpleasant "places" (figuratively speaking.) I love learning photography skills, information, but do NOT like the "process" of learning. The unfamiliar "circumstances" stretches me, but I know it helps me get to where I want to be:) THANKS!

  3. Beautiful picture! She does look a little confused.

    Your thoughts apply to my situation, too, Tina, Thanks for sharing them.


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