Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In And Out

"In And Out"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

It is neat how the Lord shows me or brings to me things to photograph.  I went to the Watson Mill Bridge State Park with the APG (Athens Photography Guild) to take pictures of the covered bridge and it's surroundings.  But my favorite shot of the day was this Chic-a-dee.

I first spotted him with a worm in his mouth on a branch and watched him until suddenly he disappeared.  He came out of the knot on this dead tree.  I watched for a very long time as he came in and out of the tree, bringing in food and carrying out things to clean up the nest. 

I called a fellow bird lover on the phone (who came on the trip) and told him what I found.  He told me he would be right there.  He and two other people enjoyed watching this little fellow.  He also took some great shots and told me I made his day.  It was also the best thing he had photographed as well.

The male Chic-a-dee also had help from the female.  In this photo, you can see the beak of the one Chic-a-dee reaching out to take the food from the other one.

Location:  Watson Mill Bridge State Park, Comer, Georgia

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