Thursday, September 1, 2022

Public Service Announcement - “One by One”

Public Service Announcement

“One by One”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

While I love raising monarch caterpillars, there is a downside to it­–watching them die. Please don’t spray pesticides outside your home; it also kills beautiful creatures.

Each caterpillar is precious to me. I love watching them grow and change from one instar to the next. My favorite part is watching the beautiful butterfly emerge from its chrysalis!

But, as you can see from the photo, these caterpillars are dead. I left my milkweed plant at a friend’s house, and her neighbor sprayed pesticides outside their home.

There were over 61 beautiful eggs on my plant. The pesticides must have blown over to my plant, infecting the eggs and eventually killing all the caterpillars after they emerged.

One by one, they suffered and died. It is a sorrowful story, but it teaches a huge lesson.

I used to spray pesticides outside my home, but I won’t do it again after seeing the devastation it leaves behind. 

These caterpillars could have been beautiful butterflies—they are an endangered species now. Let’s keep them around!

Thank you for listening:)


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