Friday, July 16, 2021

Shred to Pieces

“Shred to Pieces”

Judy Royal Glenn Photography

I watched this mamma black bear and her cubs for hours and hours while I was in Cades Cove, Tennessee. 

She and her cubs caused quite a large audience. A camera crew even filmed her for a documentary. 

She “treed” her cubs which seemed like for hours as she foraged. Treed means she told her cubs which tree to climb and stay in until she called them down.

She put on quite a show. While she was foraging, she walked to the road and took a drink, sat down and munched on a sapling, took a small siesta, let her babies play in an open field, but one of my favorite things was watching her shred a tree to pieces. She stood on her hind legs and began tearing the tree apart to find the grubs. 

It as a wonderful day with many great memories!

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Location: Cades Cove, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


  1. How wonderful! I didn't konw they found food in the bark of trees.

    Praying for you and Paul.


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