Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Looking Back to 2017

"Looking Back to 2017"
Judy Royal Glenn Photography

In 2017, I discovered many great photographers who share the same passion for wildlife as I do. In Rome, Georgia, I met many great people that introduced me to eagles, and many wonderful photographers who got me addicted to photographing black bears in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The comradery amongst us is a neat bond—kind of like family.

Until this year, my favorite subject to photograph was hummingbirds. I never really thought about a different kind of wildlife taking its place, but hummingbirds were surpassed by black bears this year.

While photographing hummingbirds, I really can't witness any personality amongst them interacting with each other. The one thing I can say for certain is they are feisty little rascals.

Black bears are different though. Staring a momma bear in her face as she interacts with her cubs draws me and entangles me. It makes me desire to photograph them more.

What will 2018 hold for me? Only the Lord knows that answer. But, I do know with Him by my side, He will guide me and take care of me!

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