Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Judy Royal Glenn Photography 

 I love finding birds that have been tagged through the North American Bird Banding Program.  Last month while I was on St. Simons Island, Georgia, I found this Brown pelican on the pier.  When I saw the pelican had a band, I followed it around taking photographs of the band around its foot.  

I photograph all around the bird until I get all of the numbers needed to report the bird.  I have found and reported several birds over the years.  

On the U.S Geological Survey website, it states:  "Bird banding is used to study the movement, survival, and behavior of birds."  Something I am greatly interested in because birds are my favorite thing to photograph.

They will even send you a certificate telling you neat information about the bird you are reporting.   0938-12206 is of course a Brown pelican and was hatched in 2001.  It was banded on July 2, 2002 in Miami, Florida.  So, it is far way away from home!  The sex of the bird is unknown.

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