Monday, October 14, 2013

A Close Call

"A Close Call" 
Judy Royal Glenn Photography 
It was a "close call" for two fawns bedding in my backyard Saturday.
I was photographing two fawns and their mother through my open window in the basement. 
The mother kept staring at the empty lot next to our house.  I thought she would have heard me taking photographs of her, but I did not seem to bother her.

Soon both of the fawns were also on alert.  The next thing I knew, the mother deer was flying towards me very quickly.  I still did not know what was going on, so I just photographed what I was seeing.
She was chasing the coyote away from her babies.  I love the baby fawn in the background.  It is as if he is saying, "Get em' Mom!"   I wish the photograph would be more in focus. 

 I asked my son to help me recreate the shot because I wanted to know how large the coyote was.  We placed a yard stick against the tree and took the exact shot.  The tall part of the coyote's back is about 18" tall. 

I am the fourth person that has seen the coyote.  We live within the city limits, and this coyote is a threat to my dog and other dogs in our neighborhood who don't have fences.  I am making phone calls to see what can be done.

Luckily my neighbor told me the day before I saw the coyote to be careful with my dog.  I went that day to the back property line to see if the could photograph the coyote to no avail.  How blessed I was that the Lord brought me another divine appointment!    

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  1. Całe szczęście, że kojot nic złego nie zrobił ślicznym jelonkom. Pozdrawiam.
    Fortunately, the coyote did not do anything wrong jelonkom lovely. Yours.


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